Diamond Cuts and Shapes – Different Types of Diamond

Diamond cutting is an art in itself within the precious stones. To create the most beautiful effect with the nature of light, the stone must be perfectly polished. As because diamonds are much expensive, everyone don’t want to do this job. The special cut (or shape) of the diamond is one of the most important components for determining how much the stone worth. You can’t afford a small mistake here because a small flaw in the cut, the value of the stone may fall to hundreds of dollars.

Below we are going to described the most common diamond cut shapes where the stone looks extremely beautiful.

Princess cut diamond

After the brilliant cut, princess cut diamond is the most popular cut. The shape of the princess cut diamond is unique per stone. Just like the round diamond, this cut shape is often used for engagement rings. The stone is used in both modern and vintage jewelry.

Brilliant (round)

The round diamond sharpening has been the most commonly used sharpening shape for years. Because of its beautiful sparkle, this sharpening achieve the best effects of light and colors. The round diamond is the most commonly used cut for engagement rings. The brilliant cut is years old but still a part of modern jewelry today.

Emerald cut

An emerald cut diamond could be in a rectangular or square shape. To attain the emerald shape, both the pavilion and the corners cut off, this makes it more different from others! But this also makes it very sensitive to damage. The ground corners make the stone less vulnerable.

Trillion Cut

The trillion cut is the same type of cut/shape as the asscher cut, but then it cuts into a triangular shape.

Oval cut diamond

The oval shape actually speaks for itself, it has an oval shape. The more facets are placed at the bottom of the stone, the more beautiful the stone will shine. This shape is especially attractive for women with small hands and somewhat shorter fingers.

Cushion / Cushion cut

The cushion shape cut could be compared to the princess cut. The grinding shapes of  cushion cut diamonds have a square appearance. Its square shape with rounded corners and small facets on the table (top) looks beautiful. The name for the cushion cut was created by the shape and appearance.

Asscher cut

The asscher cut/shape is very popular in the world of antique objects and jewelry. The Asscher cut resembles the square emerald cut. Both are square ground with ground points.

Heart shaped diamond

Truly one of a kind shape that looks symbolized for love. This diamond cut is the perfect choice for a sentimental, sensitive, romantic woman.

Pear-shaped diamond

The pear-shaped diamond looks like a raindrop. This cut shape is a combination of the round diamond and the marquise cut shape. This is the perfect cut for unique, spontaneous and adventurous women.

Above listed are diamond cuts along with their features and shapes, these are the types of cut you can buy from Petra Gems through online store. You can find few more diamond cuts in the image above, because be we have listed the most common cuts and shapes only.

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