Where To Go With A Minimum Budget But With Great Desire

Travelling the world has to be every person’s desire. We all wish to get out of the comfort of our natural surroundings and explore what lies beyond the horizon. It is a need that is as old as the human race. This need led to the discoveries of new worlds. One can only imagine the feelings racing in Christopher Columbus’s head as he set foot on the foreign land later to be named America. Travelling, unfortunately, equals expenses. You cannot hitch a ride on a plane in the name of exploring the world. Even if you do get to your destination you need to move around, eat and find a place to lay your head at night.

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  • Tips for First Time Travelers’.

1.    Do Your Research before Leaving Home

A prior study is a crucial tool in life. It assists you in decision making and plans to avoid any hurdles that may derail the perfect vacation you got planned. The research will help in making a budget and setting up rules that ensure you stick to that budget all through your trip. The factors to consider while researching may include air flight fees, hotel rates of the country you visit and food expenses while you are away. Choose a hotel that is cheap but doesn’t compromise on your security. A lot of people go missing abroad because of wrong choices made during their stay.

2.    Choose A Country That Will Not Demand Too Much of Your Pocket

When travelling on a light budget straight away cross out countries like the Emirates that are quite costly to visit. Having knowledge on the cost of living of your vacation spot is handy. You get to know just how long you can make do with the budget you have so that there is enough left to get you back home. Taking into consideration that you have achieved the goals of your trip, and have seen a few sights before departure time. Exchange rates are a significant component to keep an eye on before travelling. What you consider a good amount in your country of origin might be a few pennies where you go on vacation.

3.    Decide On Essentials You Need For Your Trip

Don’t leave your prioritizing skills when you leave. They are very important in day to day life in a foreign place. Priority decisions would be like making meals where you get accommodation in contrast to eating out. Cooking your dishes ensures that you eat healthy since you know what went into your food and is a friendly way to keep your coins in your pocket. Eating out can cost you three times as much compared to dining at home. In addition you choose what you eat since assimilating to new food might be a difficult task to some of us. You reduce risks of food poisoning cutting down on hospital and medication expenses.


Africa is one of the best places to visit when on a budget. The rich culture and wild animal reserves where you can see all the animals in their natural habitats is a certain worthy price for your budget. Costs of quality accommodation and transport from one location to the next are drastically low. Destinations like Egypt to see the great pyramids and sphinx or chimp rehabilitation centres of Gambia attract millions yearly.

Parts of Asia like Vietnam and Thailand are quite popular with travelers on a budget. They get to experience the Asian culture, fantastic food and magnificent scenery at low prices compared to anywhere else in the world. Travelling is mainly by motorbikes that are willing to chauffeur their visitors around the country’s attractions. Scuba dive in the Con Dao islands or explore the Hang Son Doong cave.

South America is another destination while backpacking. Home of the Amazon there will be no shortage of places to visit and animals to see. From birds, big cats like jaguars and marine life when scoober diving South America does not fall short of attractions. Presence of numerous hostels caters to the needs of travelers on a shoestring. The countries have delicious food at very pocket-friendly prices.


Travelling is a fulfilling experience for the young and young at heart. The only obstacle is that it comes at enormous costs most of the time. However many people have proven that you can see the world and not break your bank. Some people decide to take a cruise to a particular continent and cycle their way across it. People like Laura Bingham who cycled across South America in 2006- are proof it works. Living one day at a time can be a small cost of seeing the world. Other inspirational stories might be of Leon Logothetis who quit his job to travel the globe mainly depending on the kindness of strangers to survive –  A traveller risking it all for the thrill needs mental and physical preparation for the hardships of the open road. It is a harsh companion, but the final experience is definitely worth the troubles. These expeditions drastically change the perspective of the person embarking on them. They give new insight into how different people lead their lives away from home.


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Written by Albina Welsh

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