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Saturday, January 18, 2020

What’s in a Chic French woman’s handbag? She carries a designer tote bag. She prefers a versatile purse color.

Laptop, iPad, journal, pens in pencase, iPhone, charger, earbuds, selfie stick, wallet with ID and car insurance, black leather gloves, hand cream, reading glasses, freshener, wallet for cards, money, family and photos, purse hook, makeup purse, and perfume.

I will now add, for fun, what’s in my tote bag?

I also do add my iphone and iPad and accessories into my tote. But the main necessities include Michael Kors navy wallet,  a change purse for mostly coins but also has bills, a purse for iPhone accessories, body lotion for dry skin, small notebook for jotting down detailed information, pen, keys,  one lipstick, protein bar, and water bottle.


What do you think?


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