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What You Should Do Before Bed To Be Happier

Do you wake up unhappy? Are your first thoughts in the morning stressful and make you anxious? Many people live like this every day. And while mental health is becoming more and more important, these issues are still not addressed properly. No one tells you what you need to do to be a happier person organically, from the start of your day. This can be a real issue, especially if it affects your entire day and makes you generally melancholic and stressed.

But if you want to solve these issues, how about considering some effective exercises that can make you happier in general.

Here are some of them.

Do something nurturing for yourself

Every night, before you go to bed, you should do something for yourself that makes you happy and satisfied. This can be anything from physical nurturing like exercising, meditating, taking a long bath, eating a nice dinner, having something sweet or anything similar that makes you happy.

It can also be anything like reading a book, watching a nice movie, painting, listening to music and so on.

Enjoy yourself, give yourself some time to relax and unwind after a long day. Never work this late or think or work on things that cause you stress or that make you anxious. This way, you prepare your mind for a pleasant morning.

Say thank you and review the day

Being grateful for everything you have is an amazing way to relieve stress and be a happier person. Consider what you have – love, friends, happiness, a great career, a great place to live or anything that makes you happy. Say that you are grateful for it. Focus on how grateful you are. This will help you unwind and realize that everything is okay.

Then, review your day in the evening and focus on things that you have done well. If there were some problems, focus on finding solutions for these problems. If it’s out of your hands, let it go. This will help you relax and you will be a lot less stressed in the morning.

Set an intention to remember your dreams

“Remembering your dreams is one of the best ways to have a happy morning and to develop your brain power. Every night before you fall asleep, you should set an intention to remember your dreams in the morning. Purchase a notebook and a pen that you can hold next to your bed and then write your dreams down in the morning,”says Kirsten Mach, motivational coach at Academized and Paper Fellows.

Read Something You Enjoy

Reading is one of the most powerful relaxation techniques. Find a book you enjoy and take it to bed. Read for a set amount of time and go even further if you realise that you really like it. Make sure that the topics are something you enjoy, and not too heavy so you can sleep better.

Take a Moment to Focus on Others

“You should also focus on other people and their wellbeing. If you have a family, spend some time with them or talk with them. If you are alone, you should call some friends or family and communicate with them for a while. This is a proven way to be happier,”says Tomas Belfonte, consulting psychologist at Eliteassignmenthelp and State Of Writing.

Write Down Your Worries

This is a famous technique. If you want to get rid of the worries that you have, you should write them down in your journal and then pull the paper out or just leave it there. This is a great way to set those for another time and find a better time to think about them if it turns out to be necessary.

Breathe and scan your body

Before you fall asleep, your meditation technique should be to breathe deeply and focus on releasing your body. How do you do this? Well, all you have to do is breathe and scan your body. Then allow your body parts to fall asleep, one by one and let your thoughts and your mind rest.

To conclude

Living a happy life starts the very moment you open your eyes. It’s not something that’s optional, everyone deserves it. However, preparations for happiness start earlier, before you fall asleep. Try some of these healthy habits, copied from some of the most successful and mindful people of our time. They can help you relax, unwind and prepare for the day ahead. Hopefully, they will be of use to you and you will find a way to implement them in a simple, direct way.

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Written by Chloe Bennet

Chloe Bennet is a health journalist.


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