What is a Kubotan?

The name ‘Kubotan’ comes from “Kubota” and “baton.”The Kubotan is a keychain that is a self-defense weapon, designed for close quarters fighting. It was invented by Takayuki Kubota and was originally developed for use by the police in subduing suspects without permanent damage to their person.

It is made of metal or hard plastic and about 5 and a half inches long, a bit over half an inch in diameter and may or may not be pointed on one end. The length of the body has six round grooves which improves the grip and it is attached to a key ring by a very strong screw eye with a split ring. To most people it is just an ornate key fob, but it can be very effective in stopping an attack, in the right hands.

Instructions on how to use them are usually included when you buy one. You can also find many videos on YouTube showing how the basic moves for defending yourself with a Kubotan. You can also find classes on self defense that have the use of the Kubotan included in them. They are not very hard to learn to use, but as with any type of self defense technique, the key is to practice, practice, practice!

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There are many videos on You Tube on how to use a Kubotan, they are a great way to begin to learn how to use one. Below is one about the basics.


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