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We Find Hope

We’re living in a strange time, but with that I feel our eyes are becoming more opened, there is a lot of madness going on, but a lot of goodness too.  Now more than ever we need to let our lights shine.

Six counties in the Bay Area are on a 24 hour lock down for the next two week, but with that comes a big issue, the homeless while there over the summer I saw just how prevalent it was, and sadly even those with good jobs can fall into the category when prices are so high.

Our Governor is talking about putting a moritorum on all evictions and foreclosures which in this day and age is necessary many have lost their jobs with no fault of their own.

Churches and schools have closed many opting to go online.  Grocery store shelves are being wiped bare of all essentials, sadly to many are trying to profit on this, but some are reaching out to help others.  We see the best and worst of humanity in the same breath.

Some are quick to blame each other while others have their head buried in the sand.  Like it or not this is real but that does not mean you need 60 gallons of milk and three hundred rolls of toilet paper unless of course you are a hospital or a Rehab center, or are helping those in need then by all means carry on.

9/11 tore the fabric of our nation but it also sewed it back together with every act of kindness showed here and abroad.

We are living in strange times, in times that at this moment seem broken and fragmented but that’s not to say we are without hope

So I encourage you to take the necessary precautions, but please don’t loose hope, and remember God is in control and in that we find hope.

(C) Michelle R Kidwell



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