Visit to the dentist

We scheduled our visit to the dentist. I told my daughter that I want my teeth checked by our dentist.  I also want hers to be checked.  She was a bit nervous because the last we went to the dentist one of her tooth was extracted.  Although she said that it did not hurt so much.  But i can see on her face that she’s nervous.

So when she sat on the dentist chair,  she had this look on her face that she want to go home.  I assured her that it won’t hurt. The dentist will just check on your teeth.

The dentist with her soft voice talked to my daughter. She is encouraging and even complementing her.  According to the dentist, her teeth are good.  She will just clean it and she will something on it so it will stay healthy.

My daughter Tintin was very happy and she was asking for another appointment with the dentist.


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