Understand It All

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The first quote translates to:  “If you feel happy to see others improve themselves, you understood it all.”

If we can’t be happy for others as they achieve their goals, there is nothing wrong with them, and everything wrong with you.  Not being happy for other peoples success is a sign of envy, and means that you are actively comparing your life with that of others.

The moon doesn’t compare itself to the sun.  They each have their moment in the same sky.  So, likewise, why should we compare ourselves to others?  We shine when it is our time.

The second quote translates to:  “Blood makes you related, but loyalty makes you family.”  If others can’t be happy for us, they are toxic.  This is especially true when those related to us genetically can’t be happy for us.  If all they do it criticize, and judge you, instead of seeing that you have already lost 42 lbs., then they are secretly trying to distract everyone from your accomplishments, just so they can still call you a big fat looser.

They want to be the center of attention, when in reality, their tiny, frail little ego, is threatened by everything you are slowly bur surely becoming.  Sometimes the only reason certain individuals like to have you around, is because they think they are better than you.


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Written by Maria Ayala

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