Trump arranged Burger Party due to Shutdown of the US government

US President Donald Trump arranged the fast food party in the White House for the staff due to the Shutdown of the government. He invited the National Football Championship winning team, Clemens  Tiger, in which more than 300 burgers, pizza and fries were ordered.

He told reporters: ‘Due to Shutdown, we ordered US Fast Food for which i have paid from my pocket. The major part of the US government has been suspended due to the shutdown. Due to this, over 80 thousand government employees have been affected, including the White House staff. They did not get salary for 24 days and they are on a forced leave.

The reason for the shutdown is that President Trump has said, As long as he will not receive a sum of $ 5 billion 70 million from the Congress to build a wall on the Mexican border, Until then, they will not approve the federal budget. The same budget gives salary to government employees. President Trump said after the party: ‘We have 300 hem burgers and many French fries, which is the most favorite foods for us.’

When a reporter asked him what their favorite food is, he replied: ‘I like it if it’s American cuisine. It’s all American food. ‘ Earlier, it was reported that President Trump’s favorite meal is Hem Burger and the majority of nutritionists consider the fast food vulnerable to health.


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