Why should one be a follower if he or she can lead? This is the reason most of my friends say I am weird. I would not stop asking them questions until I am satisfied with their answer.

A few weeks ago, I posted this question in one of my social networking site account. One of my friends answered, “A good leader must be a good follower.” I told him, “If people will never cop-out on this belief, progress will not be possible.” A true leader must have a strong conviction but still knows how to listen to his followers. I believe in the quotation, “A good leader knows how to listen” even more.

My experiences helped me become the person I am today. During my childhood days, whenever I play with my neighbors, I would always lead the game. In school, my classmates would vote for me to be an officer. Behind all of these is my parents’ support. I got used to this, but my parents taught me to know my limits. I knew I could not always lead because someone will always be a better leader than I will.

I have always admire people who would stand up for what is right, even if it means going against a leader, people who are not afraid to speak their minds and people who are ready to say “NO” even if everyone is saying “YES” to something that is wrong. I have met a lot of people who could perform better than their superior could and people who have better ideas than the leader. Why are they still the follower?

In our country, the media exposes anomalies involving the government. If only people who have the qualities of being a true leader were in the position, those anomalies would not happen.

We are always given the opportunities to prove our worth. Sometimes, courage is the only thing that’s lacking. There is no harm in trying, as always said. If one fails, then try again and again.

I have always dreamed of a country with leaders who know how to listen to his followers. A leader that have the will and courage to face the consequences of their acts.

One of my college instructors once told me, “ In life, we are always given choices” and in this case we are to choose from being a follower for the rest of our life or to stand and start being a leader.

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  1. It seems you have a strong leadership, Cassy. You are right that a leader must be good at listening, and that is very strongly related to “being a follower”. The leader must be visionary, able to see far ahead, but also must listen and follow the will or hope of his followers, in terms of government is his people, with a diversity of wills and thoughts. For that of course, must have courage and firmness. A leader of Indonesia’s national struggle once said a teaching of leadership;
    “In front, be an example
    in the middle, adapt and encourage
    in the back, understand and give moral support.”
    And never forget, a leader must be wise.


    • Thanks, Albert. All of it were from my observations and from the experiences I had during the time I am still studying. And now, as one of the public speakers in our community, I can’t justify those anomalies that other officers are doing. If we are a keen observer of what was happening in the world of politics, we could easily see how dirty it is. The essence of leadership is being covered by corruption.
      Lol. Just sayin’ my opinion.☺



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