The Played – 36

Jeremiah searched for his ex-mother in law, Lucy-Ann.   He went to her Hairdressing salon, but it was under a different name.

Those who worked there told him she had sold the business and returned to Jamaica.

He had searched online for his ex-wife Katherine,  looking up Katherine Townsend or Katherine Roberts.   She, the woman he loved,  had only old entries, no Facebook page, no record of existence since the divorce.

It was as if she had disappeared.

Lonely, sad, weak, he began a relationship with a gal who worked at the Burger King.   It was supposed to be just sex and go, but the gal became pregnant.

Jerry was not going to marry her.   His days of marriage and letting someone close were over.  He was not going to be faithful to the gal, either.

Although overweight and unattractive, as a manager he had some money.   He tried to focus on his daughter, Alice.    He would have sent her to one of the better schools but there was something wrong with Alice and he just didn’t want to explore it.


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Written by jaylar

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