The Played – 16

Simone and Damian had the big money wedding, the First Class Honeymoon, and she paid his way into medical school, and continuing.    The relationship between them was peaceful and easy.

Damian studied, did well, graduated, began his internship, and gave her a beautiful son.

Her life was perfect.

Then, just before he completed his residency, the worst thing in the world happened.  One of her so-called friends, got him into bed, and bragged about it.

Totally devastated, insane with pain and humiliation, Simone threw Damian out.  Threw him out and  divorced him.

She got the divorce and Damian disappeared.

At that point, Simone had a nervous breakdown.

How could she have done this?  How could she have discarded a man as lovely as Damian?  A man who never made demands, who was grateful and quiet.

It was her friend who tricked him, maybe drugged him, just to boast.

And poor Damian was left without anything!


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Written by jaylar

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