The Played – 11

Simone’s cousin, Claudia, had married a Jamaican she met during a vacation in Ocho Rios.

As Simone, Claudia was unattractive, but very rich.  For all intents, she had purchased Errol.

To avoid the squawks of her parents about race and class,  she had married Errol in Jamaica.  After a week, she informed her parents.  A week later, she imported him into America.

Her parents were upset, so stayed away.   Living on an inheritance from her Grandmother, the attitude of her parents didn’t effect her bank balance.

She moved him into a property her Grandmother had left her;  the Will had, in not this precise language, stated that it was unlikely Claudia would ever find a man to marry her, so needed to be financially independent.

Errol had wanted better in his life, but never had the money nor the opportunities.  He had relationships, fathered children, held jobs, but there was no future.

He was in his thirties when he met Claudia who was two years older.  He had made a half effort to seduce her. He didn’t realise, at first,  she had selected him as she would a piece of meat for dinner.

Errol was not unattractive,  but no movie star.  However, he far better than a woman who looked like Claudia could attract.   So, she bought him.

Simone had spent some time with her and Errol, and wanted what Claudia  had, a good looking man who was under her control.


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