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The most interesting rules of Bhutan

Bhutan is a country where the main and basics needs of the public are considered, but heart satisfaction of the people is also considered and for this purpose Government of Bhutan has established a committee named (Grass National Happiness Committee).

Even a column has been included in the population census questionnaire, In which people can tell whether they are satisfied with their lives or not. Above all, there is also ‘Ministry of Happiness’, which only deal with Public happiness and also aim to support the quality of life of the public financially and mentally.

Bhutan is also unique in the world because of some of its other peculiarity.

In 1999 Bhutan officially banned the TV and Internet, since it was not possible to cut off the world. Therefore, the King eliminated this law and thus using the TV Bhutan become the world’s last country using TV.

No one is homeless in Bhutan, and If a person loses his home, he goes to the king and then he gets the land to make a house. Apart from this, medical facilities are totally free for the public in Bhutan. In Bhutan,Tobacco promotion, sale and use tobacco are all serious crimes.

In Bhutan, another interesting thing is that there are no traffic signals in the capital Thimphu, traffic police controls traffic from hand gestures.

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