The Little Things Matter

California is on a Shelter In Place Mandate for a few days now, but thankfully we can still get together with family, so we asked Little Misses Mom if we could have her, because we missed her of course, and we have wifi and computers if she needs to get some work done, but I had forgotten she is actually on Spring Break lol, everything is so up in the air right now, it’s unreal.  This is like living the plot to a novel, but somehow we must push on.

I met her Mom at the Mercantile this afternoon where I checked to see if they had flour or Paper Towels, unfortunately they didn’t but they were pretty stocked on other things.  I’ll have to go in to town to see if I can find flour.  Thankfully I  am good on Toilet Paper.

I’m grateful for the most part I have what I need, that I keep my Freezers full, and my pantry and cabinets are full.  We are blessed in that way, but I really miss our Church, and Little Miss misses being able to be with her friend’s, but tonight at dinner she took the time to pray that those who have Covid 19 are healed, and that a cure is found.

When we go into town next week, Walmart, and a couple of other stores that remained opened, we are going to pick up a couple of inexpensive tablets and drop them off at Nancy’s Hope so she can get them to kids who have no way of keeping up with their education without them.

I hope you all are being safe, and well!


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  1. I have already stocked up on Flour. I think we will be baking bread here soon. They can’t keep it on the shelves here and are limiting what they get to one loaf per family. Toilet paper is the other big item flying off the shelves.

    I will be so glad when this is over with.


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