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I have been trying to change things  in my life for a while, but not all that sure how to go about it, so just making some tentative plans.   I am currently off work, with the aim of  geting on with certain projects. I took last week and this week off, back next Monday.  I won’t get paid for it, but I did need a break, for one thing just to be away from the job for a while, as it is frequently so intense and exhausting. For another thing, there were various things I needed to do which I can never seem to find the time for when I am at work all week.  For example, I am looking for a new job: I have applied for a number of them, and approached various employment agencies in the area, but have not come up with anything so far. Another thing I want to do is move house in the near future, so I have been looking around for new places.

I also want to get my  book published: I wrote a vegan cookbook some time back, and am now trying to find a publisher for it. It is a very competitive market, so I really need to persevere with this one.  All of this stuff is very time-consuming…… I have also looking for romance (ha!) I am registered with a couple of dating websites but so far nothing has come of that. One of them gave me a free subscription for 3 days recently, so I could contact other members; I took full advantage of that and sent out a lot of messages, but hardly anyone replied. It’s very discouraging. I have to say, I hate Internet dating, and if I ever do have a relationship with a man again (stranger things have happened!)  I don’t think I am going to meet him over the Internet.

I have done some sorting out of my home too: decluttered and got rid of some old stuff, and done some cleaning and repairing.  So I am hoping I have now freed some trapped energy at home. I am a believer in Feng Shui principles, although I have never gone into that particular philosophy  very deeply.

Anyway, my 2-week break is nearly up now: I am back to work on Monday.  I have managed to get various things done anyway, so I have made the most of my time off. I am never sure if I am spending my time productively though,  doing enough of the right things.  I have been putting out various feelers, so surely something will happen as a result of all my efforts.  I am a bit nervous about going back to work though, for some reason – I keep worrying that I won’t have a job to go back to, that my boss will tell me on Monday that they are laying me off! I don’t know why I think that. I guess I am a naturally anxious person.

I fully expect there is going to be some kind of big change in my life soon! So watch this space….


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