The Gambling Grandma: Can You Believe it?

Let us share with you, my granny at the age of 100. I hope I will not destroy her by saying the little secret. However, it is known by the family. She had been gambling for a few years now. You might be wondering why we allow her to do an expensive habit. Well, the fund is always from the family. At the back of family’s mind, she can do what’s she desire. At the age of 100, she needs to enjoy life. We could say that time is ticking and can never knowhow long she will live in this world. Hopefully, she will still be here more than a hundred age.

The family and I cannot comprehend why she indulges herself in gambling. As far as I could remember, the habit started when she was living in America. Some of their children are living in this state. Perhaps the lifestyle changed her traditional of thinking. That’s the reason why she’s a groovy granny. Most Americans are fond of playing in Las Vegas. It is like their activity to enjoy life for working so hard. It is a good reward for their job well done. If I can have abundant money, I will do the same hobby. Of course, it is only for fun and not to be addicted to it.

Fun is what she needs. Hopefully, she can have the jackpot. Her reason for gambling is not for personal enjoyment. All she wanted is to share the winning money to the family. Only if she got lucky her favorite game in a slot machine. Time is running fast and she will be remembered as a gambling granny at the age of 98 plus. It will be memories that marked a distinct personality in the family tree. I am sure some grannies out there don’t follow the same passion and interest with ours.Image Credit:


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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