Thank Goodness It is Friday!

I am just sitting here watching American Greed and writing. I am not really doing too much at the moment. I hope that my day goes pretty well for the rest of the day but I am just going to see how the day goes. I was going to make some pasta today but I am not sure what everyone would love to eat, so I may just wait to see.

I love asking my family what they want to eat because it keeps me from making food and no one eats it or I have to put it into the fridge for the next day. I am working on my short story and I hope that it gets done by the Winter so by December is when I am hoping to have it done. I know that my days have been shifted around on here lately but I have been trying to write more here in between my free time. I am trying to make more time for myself and make sure that I workout every day too.

I am really happy to say that I am sticking to my workout routine and that I am actually thinking about myself more than everyone else because now I am making sure that I am okay and that I have fewer migraines. I am happy and I hope that everyone else will be happy with me as well.


What do you think?


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