Thank you critics for your great effort

You want to criticize me, please go ahead and do it openly. Deduction or reduction of my reputation is a favor on a site. Please do it openly for me.

Whenever I see a negative rating or criticism or plus points disappearing from my blogs by some friend – I love it. I love it for obvious reasons because I love my critics. I know they wish me well and want to attract my attention towards my silly mistakes that I normally do with my limited knowledge.

I take criticism as an appreciation from a friend of mine and wish to acknowledge his efforts. After all, he/she took some moments out of their busy schedule just to make me cautious to make better next time.

I thank my friends to keep up the good job and do it on a more regular basis- I love it because I know people spend their precious time to read my humble efforts expecting something worthwhile but while they feel disappointed, have no choice but to reduce my stars.

I love it when someone openly does it to correct my mistakes. Although, I would have preferred to come them in front and make it more obviously. The fact is whenever I see one of them vanishing in to thin air kicks me hard where it serves me best and reminds me to more careful.

Thanks for everything, I love your way of appreciation. There is no fun of doing a thing unless you have some people who appreciate your or advise you for your efforts.

Unless there is someone who can openly pinpoint your mistakes, you will never learn.


What do you think?


Written by Suny Ag

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