Teenage life

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Life is brimming with great and terrible things. That is the reason we ought to appreciate each and every day what’s more, each and every minute. Being a tyke is not as badly arranged similar to a young person, but rather I’d rather be a youngster, since it’s another experience to attempt, another life to live. Life as a young person is brimming with great minutes: hanging out with friends, messaging with them, and hosting gatherings. These things are great, yet as teenagers, we likewise have duties, such as cleaning our rooms, doing homework, and learning for exams.

In fact, kids can watch cartoons and play whenever they want, and they don’t have to learn. But, being a child has inconveniences, too. Children can’t be responsible for a lot of things. Personally, when I realized that I wasn’t a child anymore, I was happy with my new life and a lot of new experiences that I hadn’t tried before


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  1. You seem to have the teen life figured out, but there are some teens out there that still act as children who think that they do not have to ‘grow up’ and help around the house.

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