Summer 2018 Appears to be Season of the Witch

Friday, 6.22.18

This summer, or summer solstice, appears to be Season of the Witch. And, I though Halloween was all about Season of the Witch. There seems to be a lot of videos coming out to further expose media witches and witchcraft in the industry. I remember the movie, Bewitched, starring Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman, even mentioned that the media industry was filled with witches doing all kinds of tricks for power, money, and prestige. I think the movie was trying to help main character played by Nicole Kidman accept herself as a “witch,” even though she was trying to quit this lifestyle or addiction because she just wanted to be normal, live a normal life like other people, and fit it with society norms. So, she accidentally becomes an actress as she seeks a “normal” job. And, later, she realizes she fits in the industry because many are witches like her, and she is able to make a lot of money without really trying or having any talent. She just has “the look” of Samantha Stevens from the old TV show, as well as she could naturally play the character because she has real witch skills she wanted to quit.

I am not really familiar with any of these celebrities in these two videos. They all probably suck in acting, in which their job is mostly about promoting certain ideas to the public, such as sex, drugs, witchcrafts, satanism, cannibalism, and other twisted ideas that the media tries to normalize as cool for the stupid and lonely who have nothing better to do with their life.

In the past, there have been other “witches” movies that were more entertaining because they were comedies, probably to make witches appear fun and cool. Witches of Eastwick and Hocus Pocus are two comedies about witches. I am sure there is more “witches or witchcraft” movies, but these two are the only one that come to mind at this moment. So, this topic isn’t really something new. Rather, more and more people have been awakening to all this bullshit that now actual intentions for such movies appear more obvious than ever. I I remember watching TV shows, cartoons, and children shows and movies as well as reading children’s books since the 70s that were filled with “witch” content and stories. Besides those lame fables that I never really liked, there were also Wizard of the Oz movies and books, Harry Potter movies and books, Disney movies and books, What the Witch Left by Ruth Chew, and Disney’s Escape to Witch Mountain movies by Alexander H. Key.


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