Ritual List for Summer Solstice Celebration

Thursday, June 21, 2018

This video lists popular rituals often performed during Summer Solstice to celebrate the first day of summer. It is a pagan celebration that witches and warlocks often sacrifice someone or something to their nature gods and goddesses.

  1. Bonfire
  2. Flower crown
  3. Candle magic spells
  4. Cleansing rituals with candles and bonfires
  5. Healing crystals

I have seen this list promoted in fashion magazines a lot, mostly as cool and fun fashion trends. The only bonfires that I have been around are the ones at the beach with friends to roast marshmallows while hanging out and playing games around the fire.

I have seen these flower crowns in malls, which is where I took a picture of that silver skull wearing red flower crown. I think these crowns look weird, especially for an adult woman. Maybe young girls might be attracted to them more, kind of like a floral tiara. But I might wear a floral headband in a small size.

I like burning candles, incense, and oils because they are pretty and fun, but doing magic spells is kind of creepy. I doubt if anything would come out of such spells anyway.

I have read about such cleansing rituals, which involves writing things down on paper and then burning it in a fire. I am not even sure if such ideas work. It might be therapeutic to help you get over something by listing one’s worries and negative issues, and scrunching up the paper into a small ball before throwing it into a fire, in my a fire place. Then, watching the paper burn with all your worries and negative issues.

I think crystals are pretty but I don’t know too much about healing crystals. I don’t even understand how they work. But I found a small amethyst rock in the middle of a parking lot once, and I thought it was pretty. So, I kept it for good luck or something like that for fun.

But I think witches would probably need to sacrifice something or someone in order to make these rituals work for them. That is probably why there are so much murder rituals in the media industry.

What do you think?

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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