Staying Active Outside

Tuesday, 9.8.20

This morning, the weather was nice, but the sky was very cloudy and a little dark because there was a gray cast over the clouds. I went to yoga meetup. Only 3 people showed up. I did some reorganizing today. 

In the evening, I walked across the street for the UCI walking meetup. I was early. So, I walked around. The cycling studio had all the stationary bikes outside, under the canopy. There was a cycling class outside, and I noticed it was all women. I remember my cousin’s wife said she wanted to try this class.

12 people showed up. The weather was nice in the evening,  too. Since I still don’t have my iPhone6 back, I don’t know how many miles I walked.  I hope Apple calls me tomorrow to pick it up. I rearranged my bedroom to make it look like a walk-in closet. I drank two large cups of water with lemon juice from one small lemon. 

After the walk, I noticed the UTC is active, with people hanging out and eating their dinner at outdoor tables. But it is usually very busy when UCI starts regular schooling. It is still good to see it starting to get active again. 

I need to call the Association to ask them if they are going to fix the two jacuzzis. 


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