Some Thoughts About The MedicationTopamax

Topamax has been used for treating seizures, migraines, and some types of eating disorders along with many other health conditions, as you shall find out about from the links I have posted here.

Many women especially want to lose weight, and will try just about anything in my opinion.  This medication may be an answer for such conditions. Only their doctors can determine if Topamax would be of help to their patients. The link below talks about different types of eating disorders, and how Topamax may help people suffering from these types of conditions. Read more about these finding here 

The next link talks about how Topamax might be able to help someone suffering from Bipolar. If you have been taking this medication never stop taking it once you start feeling better. Bipolar is about manic depression. It comes with many symptoms such as: hopelessness, extreme highs and lows, excessive spending, the need to continue talking, the need to over-spend, racing thoughts, suicidal thoughts and others are discussed in the link below. Read more about Bipolar and Topamax here. The mental health field is one about great mysteries, and just maybe Topamax can bring hope to many suffers, but only by the suggestion of a health care physician.

Always talk to your doctor about this medication before taking it, and then see if Topamax is right for you. I am not a doctor, so never take this medication unless it is prescribed to you under a doctor’s care.

Take care everybody!

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