Some Choices – part 12

Marla went to the new city and met Len almost immediately.   She didn’t love him, but he was there.

The few calls she made to Bryan were empty.  She wasn’t going to expose her heart, he wasn’t going to expose his.

Within a few months, Marla and Bryan went from  from soul mates, to people they used to know.

Every time she called Bryan she wanted him to say; ‘come back’,  every time she called she wished he would put out a hand and she’d beg him to come.

But he never said it, she never said it.

Although she hadn’t much noticed him, it was revealed that Len loved her, and she needed to be loved. So, she married him.

She married him and jumped into her new life, and had her son, and everything was perfect.


It wasn’t perfect.

It was only perfect if she didn’t think about what she and Bryan had. It was only perfect if she had never lived with Bryan.   If she had never met a man who matched her so perfectly.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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