How Show Off Sam was Slapped Down – 3

Roberta, was at a function given by the multinational her husband, Show Off Sammy, worked for.  It didn’t take long to learn that everyone present considered him obnoxious. The faces they made, the looks the exchanged was as loud to her as a shout.

She decided to take a step, and spoke to his boss, Mr. Burke, to set up a meeting to discuss something with him.

He, disliking Sammy, feeling he could make much of his private tete a tete with Roberta, agreed.

They met at a Hotel and had coffee in the garden. She told him she wanted to go home so she could divorce Sammy. She begged him not to extend Sammy’s contract.

“Roberta, if I could, I would have kicked him out of the office last year. I turned down to his extension and have requested a replacement.”

She was so grateful her smile lit up the room, and Burke, appreciating they were noticed, smiled back and leaned over to whisper in her ear. He told her, “I am glad this will be mutually beneficial”,  which kept the smile on her face, but got the room to believing an affair was going on.

Roberta, taking a bite of the pastry, noticing the looks she was getting, realised that not only had Sammy’s boss done her the favour of turning down the extension but, he had given her a weapon she could use against Sammy.

Learning that he lunched there every Thursday she made up her mind to pop in next week.

After this meeting, she decided to coast. She wouldn’t say a word to her husband about anything.   Whatever he did or didn’t do, no longer mattered.

Show Off Sammy, so stuffed with his own ‘greatness’  was unaware that no one liked him, that he was being posted home. All the stories he told himself about being indispensable and well loved were delusions. Just as their marriage was a delusion.


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Written by jaylar

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