How Show Off Sam was Slapped Down – Part 7

When his wife told him she had been having an affair with his boss, Sam went into catatonia. He stood there, gaping, then began to howl. After the howl he flung every epithet he knew at her. He jumped up and down, and then he lunged, and Roberta was in the bathroom with the door locked.

Roberta’s mother, who had been there, began to scream and the neighbours came rushing in and two big men grabbed him and put him in the hall. Roberta’s mother locked the door and went to tell her daughter the coast was clear while the female neighbours asked what had happened.

“He is not taking his medication…” Roberta’s mother said, in this sorrowful voice. And after a moment, asked them to go as it was; “family business.”

When they were alone, Roberta began to laugh and her mother showed her the video she had captured on her phone.

Sam, now deposited on the street, went howling home.

He told his parents of what had happened and how he was going to get a lawyer, and ran out. His father went to follow him, but he was too fast.

Show Off Sam may have entered his wife’s home thinking he was ten feet tall. When he left he wasn’t ten inches.

And when he burst into the lawyer’s office, looking like an escaped mad man, it took a little time for it to be revealed why he was there, but the attorney refused to take his case, telling him to try someone else after he had calmed down.

Everyone looked at Sam with derision and pity. And Sam hated that more than his wife’s revelation of her adultery.


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Written by jaylar

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