How Show Off Sam Got Slapped Down – 2

Roberta had married Sammy because she loved him. But he changed. He stopped being the nice and loving man and turned into a sarcastic braggart who saw himself as better than everyone else, including her.

He didn’t talk to her so much as pontificate, behaving as if he assumed she was too stupid to understand. He began to come and go as he choose, without courtesy. He joined a large number of  organisations where he shoved himself up the ladder to be in charge or on the board so that almost every night he was at a meeting.

When he would arrive home, late, sometimes wanting sex, sometimes just going to bed. If she was already in bed, he’d wake her with his noise. If she spoke to him about it, he’d criticize her behaviour as if what he did was perfectly acceptable because he was Show Off Sammy and she was No Body.

The love Roberta had for Sammy began to ebb because this man was not the Sammy she married. She wanted out of the relationship, but with two small children in a foreign country, it would be difficult.

She needed to get home where her family was, and divorce him under the laws of her own country. But ‘neglect’ was going to be hard to prove, because Sammy would speak so convincingly about how hard he worked.

Further, he was trying to extend his time in the country, which would mean she might be stuck here with him for another five years unless she took the children home, leaving him here, and then how could she divorce him?

She needed a plan.


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