Punishment of a Long Life – 8

Rebecca had always kept her real feelings, her true positions, within.   She never made proclamations, never exposed how she really saw something.

No one could know what happened inside of Rebecca.   She was considered a lady, quiet, dignified, respectable, and most of all ‘average’  as she did and said nothing to draw attention to herself.

When Miriam married, Rebecca immediately evicted her from the family.  Her husband, Maxie, who had never known his wife to ‘take a stand’, did not argue.   He followed her lead.

Miriam was one of those hippie/yippie/dippies.   Cutting her out of their lives was removing a wart.

Miriam was now ‘officially dead’.

No phone calls, visits, acknowledgments.   There was no more Miriam.

Rebecca and Maxie erased her from their lives, and focused on Harriet.


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Written by jaylar

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