Popular Scottish Baby Names

Sunday, December 1, 2019

  • Elspeth, which is a form of Elisabeth.
  • Hamish
  • Cora
  • Bruce
  • Fionnghuala, which is a form of Fiona. I actually met someone on the internet named Fionnghuala because women with that name often go by the nickname Fifi, especially when they were young. Same for the name Fiona.
  • Gregor is a form of Gregory.
  • Isla, Eilidh, Ailsa, and Aislinn
  • Fergus is a form of Ferguson, in which most people with that name might prefer Fergie.
  • Skye
  • Harris or Harrison

I have heard of all of them, except Elspeth and Eilidh. I actually used Aislinn in my graphic novel. 


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