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Hi guys,

It has really been bothering me lately that I have stopped writing poetry.  Even since, I started writing online all I have written was non-fiction articles.  I really miss the days of writing poetry.  In order to get back to writing poetry, I got some poetry books and have been reading poetry online.    For all of you who have been asking about my poetry this is for you.

Different Paths

Life is a journey we all are taking.We walk down many different roads.Sometimes the roads are a straight path.Sometimes they are long and winding.There are times when we walk our path alone.There are times when we walk with many.There are times when we walk with few.Some paths are long.Some some paths are short.Some are even broken.No matter the path ahead of youAlways remember to be true to you.In the end you are the onlyYou have to answer to.

What do you think?

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  1. You and I are in the same predicament there. Once I had a coworker who badgered me to come up with some lines of verse everyday and he would wait for my arrival and put his hand out and demand to see them. After some months I published my autobiography in verse, somewhat along the lines of Linda Goodman’s wonderful poem, only not nearly as long. Of course, at that point in time she had a longer and perhaps more interesting life.

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