Playing Him Like a Piano – part 67

The plot was to have Jeremiah caught on Smart Phone talking negatively about Kat.

This would be put in place by Jeremiah’s  ‘friends’;  that is the friends of Kat who pretended to be his friends.

Kat  told them to focus on the ‘wear the pants’ paradigm.  Jerry often said that he ‘wore the pants’  so could easily be encouraged to say something about making all the decisions.   If pressed he could say something about Kat being stupid.

Getting  the right words from Jerry’s mouth, recording him on their phones, they could paint him as the abusive narcissist Kat needed to  create.

What  she needed the lawyer to be able to plead, is that here was a man who  totally swallowed his wife.   A man who kept her in a virtual prison,in which he made all the decisions.

A  man who had taken her own child from her, corrupted the child, so  that Alice hated her own mother.

This  last part needed to be finessed, because Kat didn’t want any part of  Alice and Jerry had to take complete custody.

Of  course, it had to look that this twisting of Alice’s emotions was  such that she had to stay with her father.  And Kat would be  magnanimous and give Jerry full custody.

Kat had to play the perfect wife who was abused by a dominating cruel man.   However, she had to also paint him as the perfect father.   For the last thing in the world Kat wanted was that ugly baby named Alice.


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Written by jaylar

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