Playing Him Like a Piano – part 12

One evening, Kat, along with Damian,  followed Jeremiah home.    He was driving Simone’s car.

They saw him drive up, park, get out and enter a house.   They liked it, and decided Jeremiah would do.

Jeremiah  was not good looking.  He was overweight and lumbered.  Further, he  had the ‘the world is against me’ wiring like so many of his  kind.

These were positive traits in their scoreboard.

By  having no physical attraction Kat would not be lured into any feelings for him.   If he were little and cute and sweet, she might hesitate, might feel guilty.    With his ‘no body likes me’  style,  Kat would have a bit of work but once Jeremiah believed she  liked/cared about him, he would open and empty like a broken pipe.

Now,    she had to play it right the first time, because she wouldn’t get   another chance.

After  an interlude in the backseat with Dami, Kat reached home and  discussed Jeremiah with her mother.

The  next day, Lucy-Ann, Kat’s mother did her reconnaissance, ascertaining the size of the house and the fact Jeremiah alone lived there.

With summer break almost upon them, Kat  carried out her plan.


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Written by jaylar

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