Pit Children – part 18

Having decided to get on their mother’s ‘good side’ so as to enable them to gain access to their little sister, Paul and John began with phone calls and emails.

They  acted as if they had some Epiphany and because this wasn’t their first attempt at manipulation, they were good it.

They lied, they twisted facts, made claims that they didn’t believe. Their ability to say what they felt their mother wanted to hear was acute.  As Sandra was doing well,  and  actually wanted to see her sons, she invited them to visit.

They  celebrated as if they had won the Lottery.

It had not taken them a full three weeks to go from ‘the kids who hate their mother’  to the kids who ‘wanted to know their mother’.

Sandra was happy to invite them, thinking that her quiet waiting had paid dividends.

She  thought her sons  had grown up.  After all, Paul was nearly twenty and John nineteen.  They weren’t babies.  They should be able to view reality with more mature eyes.

Sandra was totally wrong.

Paul  and John were coming to turn Julie against their mother.  If they could get Julie to stop loving Sandra they would feel triumphant. For Paul and John were Pit Children, whose every breath was designed to hurt and manipulate others.

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