Pit Children – 47

It took time, but Julie realised that Paul & John cared nothing for her.  She began to appreciate, at first in drips, but then, in a torrent, that they had turned her against her own mother.

They had gotten their first hook into her when she was only twelve.

They hadn’t seen her again for two years, but played the great brothers.

When she was eighteen and  moved to a near city she called them all the time, and they called her.

Julie believed they loved her.  She thought she was important to them.

She realised how lucky she was that when she met Everett it was during a lull in their relationship.

Every so often over the years, there would be a pause.  Either one of them or both would stop communicating.  They’d always have explanations.

When she met Everett, it was one of those times when they were on the edge of her life.  That was lucky.  If it hadn’t been that luck, they would have destroyed her relationship with Everett.

She recalled phoning them  to tell them she was getting married and inviting them to her wedding.

They asked if she was inviting her mother.  If she was, they wouldn’t come.

Julie loved her father, he would not come if Sandra was not invited.

The choice was Daddy or her brothers, and she had chosen Daddy.  She gave thanks for that.


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