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I am heavy- hearted today. For those who are not familiar with the term here are some synonyms. Any of these might work, · chapfallen· melancholy · sad · sorrowful · heartsore · melancholic · discouraged · mournful · lugubrious · gloomy · pensive · depressed · desolate · despondent · dejected ·· woebegone, down · downhearted · downcast · crestfallen · disconsolate · glum · sunk in gloom · miserable · wretched · dismal · dispirited · low · in low spirits · in the doldrums · blue · morose · funereal · woeful  · doleful · wistful · unhappy · joyless · low-spirited · somber · down in the dumps · down in the mouth · blue · dolorous · heartsick .

Why am I sharing this?  I guess as a reminder that somehow I am making the choice to feel this way.  Things and circumstances beyond our control happen every single day. Those things we can’t take ownership of, it’s not ours to take. However, our reactions and judgements are ours to own. 

If I choose to feel this way all day, it is my “choice and right”. It is not acceptable behavior to blame it on        others. I know what triggered the situation, now it is my choice whether I let it stay or make different choices.

Quite frankly, I have not decided yet. (Christmas Every Day CED 201).


What do you think?


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