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“Our Darkest Hours”

“This powerful quote inspires us to continue until we are standing in the light of victory. As hard as it might seem; don’t give up. You must know; you are never alone trying to find your way out of the dark moments. Our love – and support to each other will see us through those dark hours. The Light of God within us will show the way.” – FCSH

 The Me I Never Was

Francine C. Still Hicks



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  1. Yes it is Carol. But, to find the Light to Peace we must continue the embattlement through our dark moments within our self. When we see the light within; the darkness will dissipate and we will see the Light of Our Spirit guiding us to the Kingdom of Peace!

    • Yes Carole, this is difficult in the moments of our dark hours. When we embattle those moments we must look within. Deep in the chambers of the heart our Spirit of Light dwells; waiting to show us the path towards the “Kingdom of Peace” within. We are on the battlefield in life and the darkness does not want you to find your way to true freedom.

      There are outside influences trying to distract you from finding “The Path of Truth;” which lives in the Light inside of “You!” The battle is great, but victory is “Yours Always!”

      You are never alone on this journey we call, “Life Challenges.” Remember… “We Got This!”

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