New Normal Changes…

Friday, June 5, 2020, Full Moon night.

Full Moon night is known to have many rituals and sacrifices with certain groups of people.

But, anyway, while browsing though my email, I noticed that Barnes & Noble have opened their stores again. Everything is slowly opening because people want to get back into their life and work. 

While walking across the street to the UTC area, I noticed some restaurants have set up outdoor tables and chairs, kind of like sidewalk cafe, which looks cool and fun. But I guess they are just trying to limit the people inside the restaurant.

So, I am already noticed few changes for this “new normal” lifestyle being promoted.

It is so obvious that is all planned or preplanned for the New World Order agenda. Cornyflu Plandemic, race wars, shooting of black people, One World Lockdown, One World Government being set up in Zionist Israel to control the whole earth, etc.


What do you think?

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