My Gratitude List ~ Day 51 part of Accountability

  1. Grateful for snail mail

  2. Grateful for fun paper products, I love writing by hand.

  3. Grateful for tolerant family members

  4. Grateful for friends near and far

  5. Grateful for illness as it makes the days that are good, very good

  6. Grateful for the hard lessons learned

  7. Grateful for the abundance of music in my life

  8. Grateful for my ability to learn new skills, even when it takes much more time than most

  9. Grateful that I strive to practice instant forgiveness and keep my mind clear of angry, useless clutter

  10. Grateful for the little technology I understand

  11. Grateful to live where I can enjoy wildlife of some kind every single day of the year.

  12. Grateful for my vision. It’s not perfect and yet I still have some.

  13. Grateful that sometimes I laugh so hard I cry.

  14. Grateful for the home I live in.

  15. Grateful for the faith I have in people.

  16. Grateful for the ability to fix the mistakes I make.

  17. Grateful for the ability to help others in times of need.

  18. Grateful for fives senses that still function on some level.

  19. Grateful for Grand-dad’s life history. It gives me some background and backbone!

  20. Grateful for being able to learn so many things from my Mom’s death

  21. Grateful for people who see me,feeling invisible is so harmful

  22. Grateful for tears, both happy and sad

  23. Grateful for my sister and all that she taught me when she was here.

  24. Grateful for boundaries that keep me safe.

  25. Grateful for physical hugs, I still appreciate them.


What do you think?


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