Must-Have Amenities for Millennial Apartments

If you’re looking to rent out your apartment, you might want to cater to the biggest demographic out there, the millennial generation. This generation, with ages between 20 to 37, is not yet ready to settle down with a place of their own and surmount themselves in more debt.

However, they are not simply looking at things like price and location in an apartment, like the generations before did. They want to have the latest amenities in the place they rent, similar to that of an upscale hotel.

We have listed below a number of amenities you can include in your apartment to make it more attractive to the millennial generation today-

  • Fitness Centres

Having a fitness center in an apartment is a necessity, with youngsters wanting to look and stay healthy. If you don’t have a gym, just throw in a treadmill and weights in a small room. Also, consider building a yoga studio or host fitness classes, a feature that will definitely be appreciated by the tenants.

  • Recreational Area

Your residents will want a place in which they can relax and interact with others. Most people look to have a work-life balance which is why an area for entertainment is obligatory. Leave a large space aside for the same which has board games or pool games and a television set on which they can stream movies together.

  • Updated Technology

Most tech-savvy youngsters prefer an apartment that is updated with the latest technology. Whereas wifi is a must, they’re also looking for an apartment that has smart home features.  Consider upgrading your thermostat to a smart thermostat that will not only allow your residents to control the heat and AC remotely but also help them save a lot of money in electricity bills.

As a plus, you can also insert features like smart locks and switches. They are eco-friendly and smart locks will help your residents feel more secure.

  • Pet-friendly amenities

Make your apartment a place which is friendly for pets. There are a number of pet-friendly amenities you can provide to those renting your space, such as a dog park. This is something pet owners will love and be thankful to you for.

  • Parking

A good parking space is a prerequisite for a millennial looking to rent a place. Residents usually want off-street parking. If you have a driveway or covered space, you can advertise this feature well.

  • Co-working spaces

As people are increasingly moving from a traditional office set up to working remotely, co-working spaces are becoming highly valuable. You can arrange for a co-working space on your own by not only adding basic things like desks and printers but also an espresso machine and a conference room.

  • Greenery

Adding green space to your rooftop or balcony will make your rental highly lucrative, particularly if you’re living in an urban area. This can be a great space for city dwellers to get their peace of mind away from the chaos. You can also add BBQs and patio furniture to give the place a regal look.


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Written by Bharat Rawat

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