Mass Shootings, Math and Motivation

On the twenty fifth of November and I am left thinking how different things were when I was Little Misses age. Mass shootings were virtually unheard of until we were in High School when suddenly we saw school shoots, Garfield, Paducah and in 1997 of course Columbine.  You can actually read a very encouraging story of a Survivor of the Heath Highschool Shooting called I Choose to Be Happy by Missy Jenkins, and I also recommend Rachel’s Tears These Books sadly are still relevant today.  I want these books to have the impact in lives.

Sunday Night early Monday Morning I woke up to another headline, mass shooting in Las Vegas, hundreds injured over 59 Murdered simply because they decided to go see a Jason Aldean Concert and this one hit close to home I have family in Southern California, and this was a concert I would have likely attended given the opportunity, I couldnt help but think how helpless I felt I want to protect my nieces and nephews but sometimes that is just not possible so we have to give them the tools to protect themselves.  I don’t hide things like this from Little Miss because as bad as it is, they need to know and have the tools and faith to cope.  We are believers and during times like this when our very faith is shaken we lean harder on him.

So somewhere between homework woes and common core nonsense we discuss the issues of today and as she talked about learning what to do if she God forbid ever found herself in danger of being taken she knew what to do.

So somehow amidst the madness and the necessary life skills I remind her too of that inner light that shines in her, because that is where Jesus resides.  I remind her the importance of kindness, honesty and love, but also the importance of having wisdom.  I want her to have a good heart, but not to be naive so she is put into danger, the same is true for both of my nieces.

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