Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 38): What you do

Part 38 of this series deals with actions.  Saying plenty of things does not mean anything unless the actions follow up what you have been saying.  The next four steps deal with concepts about action because it is not about what you say, it is about what you do.

1. Focus on what you do privately.  Everybody does not see what you do on a daily basis.  However, those things that you do or do not do privately eventually will become public.  What you do on a regular basis will eventually become your daily habits.  A good example of something that a person does privately is bathe or take a shower.  If a person does not take a shower for a day or two, then it may probably go unnoticed.  However, after a week, then that smell would be noticed publicly.  Ewwww!  That is why scandals are so tantalizing because a person can appear to have a great personna on the outside, but that unexpected imperfection that arises will be seen as outrageous by other people.

2. Think of your actions as a seed.  A good analogy of what you do is based upon a seed.  An action is like a seed when it is planted.  For a while, that seed will remain under the ground.  Then, out of nowhere, something will begin to sprout out of the ground.  Your actions will eventually be seen, but it takes time.  When you plant a seed, then you will not see the sprouts weeks after the seed is planted.  Stay patient and act consistently.

3. Your actions will be tested.  Realize that what you do will be eventually evaluated by someone else no matter what you are doing.  People will always criticize no matter what the situation seems to be.  You will always pass the test by doing what you are supposed to do instead of being swayed by the mediocre masses.

4. Your actions reveal your motives.  You may be doing the right things, but those actions mean nothing without the proper motives.  For example, giving to charity is always the right thing to do, but some people will give just for others to see how good they appear to be.  For example, the Notre Dame cathedral was damaged last week in a fire.  Many people donated anonymously in order to have the church rebuilt.  However, there were so many celebrities that made their donations public in order to receive extra adulation.

Nevertheless, continue to do what you do.

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