Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 37): Close the door!

In the age of social media, too many people have left the door open for others to see them go through different circumstances that really should stay private.  Putting each and every thought and emotion on Facebook is absolutely ridiculous.  The vain attempt of gaining notoriety eventually leads to mental and emotional breakdowns down the road.  The door needs to be closed.  Private things should not be made public all of the time.  Here are four ways on how you can keep the door shut in your life so that you can maintain a life of sanity in this fast-changing society.

1. Keep intruders out.  When you are at home, you more than likely keep the doors locked.  The reason why the doors are secured is so that you keep what you want to remain on the outside of your house from entering your home.  If somebody knocks on your door that you know, then you open the door and you let them into your abode.  Stand guard by keeping certain people and certain things from entering your space while at the same time keeping those within your inner circle close to you.

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2. Keep private things private.  You do not have to tell everyone all of your business.  You must show restraint and discipline on what you reveal to others.  In the first step, the goal is to keep anything negative from entering into your domain.  However,  this step is an inversion of the first step.  You must also restrain yourself from releasing negativity out to others as well because the door is the barrier between the interior and the exterior.  Society is so caught up with materialism that they forget to deal with what is happening on the inside as well.

3. Stay out of deceit.  There is no reason to defraud anyone with your words.  Speak truthfully and transparently and the knuckleheads will stay away from you as much as possible.

4. Do not hold on to resentment.  Resentment is like poison to your heart.  If someone has wronged you in the past, then you have to let that resentment go because that person will eventually have to pay the consequences for the wrong actions towards you.  Also, resentment will cause for you to hurt others that you do not intend to hurt.

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