Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 36): Truth

The concept of truth that inspired me for this part was in regards to what occurred last week.  NBA great Dwyane Wade retired as he played his last game for the Miami Heat.  However, during ESPN coverage, former NBA talent Paul Pierce was asked if his career was better than Wade’s.  Pierce absolutely believed that he was more accomplished than Wade on the basketball court.  Everyone else disagreed.  The most ironic part of this incident is that Pierce’s nickname is ‘The Truth.’  How could he be led astray from the truth when truth is his moniker.  These four steps will show you how not to go down those bunny trails.

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1. Enlightenment.  You must allow for the truth to enlighten you.  Taking the time to learn something new every day is mandatory because life will test you on a daily basis.  In order to pass the test, you must study truth.

2. Deliver the truth.  You must always give the truth to others.  When you are brutally honest all of the time, then you will not be persuaded by others to do the wrong thing.  Also, people who are not truthful will not look to stay around someone who is truthful all of the time.  If you want to wean morons out of your life, then bringing the truth consistently will absolutely keep the mediocre masses at bay.

3. Do not deny the truth.  From time to time, people will disagree with you.  Do not cower when you know that you are discussing the truth.  There is no need to back down even if someone is being belligerent with you because the truth always prevails.

4. Be determined to let go of the past.  There are some things from the past that you were taught that was incorrect.  You have to let incorrect information go.  Letting wrong information go will allow for you to be healthier because retaining bad information prevents you from eliminating bad patterns and wrong beliefs from your life.


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