Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 35): Upward

Everyone is looking to go higher and higher in this life and beyond, but people are not effectively moving upward in life.  The motive behind the process is incorrect.  Most people look to move up based solely upon bringing others down.  Using envy as the catalyst will eventually bring everyone down.  However, there is a method in which you can lift yourself up to levels so high that the opposition will be out of your reach and that others will be encouraged to progress based upon your results.  As with all of the other 34 parts in this series, you will receive four steps.  Let’s go on this journey.

1. Unlocking the symbolism of 35.  The number thirty-five can be broken down into seven times five.  The number seven represents completion or perfection.  A quick example would be that seven days make a complete week.  The number five represents your hands as their are five fingers on each hand unless you were in an unfortunate accident.  With your hands, you work.  Therefore, 35 would be complete work.  Complete the work that you are looking to accomplish.  Finish what you start.

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2. Figure it out.  Each day of life brings about a new mystery within your domain in which you have to figure out a solution.  With current events being new every day, you must adapt constantly in order to keep your head above water.  Once you begin to figure out stuff in your life, people around you that have no clue on how to figure things out will start to ask you for advice.

3. Research.  Although experiences are new every day, there is somebody somewhere that has experienced what you have gone through.  On the internet, just about every subject and topic has been placed on the world wide web.  All that you have to do is research.

4. Evaluate your research.  Once you receive the information, then you will have to evaluate whether or not that information is true.  Cross-referencing is very important so that you can confirm your findings.

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