Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 30): Manifested Order

The number thirty represents manifested order by taking a three times ten approach.  The number three represents manifestation because things that can be seen have to be three-dimensional.  The number ten represents order as the standard mathematical model is the decimal system.  Put the two together and you have manifested order.  Here are four steps that you can use so that you can achieve manifested order within your life so that you will be able to stand out from the rest.

1. Minimize bad habits.  Think about the one thing that you wish you could stop doing.  Once you identify your biggest vice, then begin to look for solutions to combat that issue.  We all make mistakes, but those who choose to be excellent will focus upon minimizing their own errors.

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2. Tell the truth.  The truth really does hurt because we all tend to lie at times.  Continuing to tell the truth will enhance your transparency to an ever-increasing isolated world.  Plus, a lie always leads to other lies that cover up the first lie.  That cover-up is always more exhausting in the long run than telling the truth.

3. Stay out of deceit.  Basically, be who you really are each and every day.  There’s no need to put up a facade around people.  There’s no need to disguise who you really are.  Take the mask off.  You will feel better about yourself.

4. Eat well and sleep well.  Only you can control how much you eat and how much you sleep on a daily basis.  Doing both of these well will allow for you to maintain equilibrium in this chaotic world that we live in.

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  1. It takes some time before it starts working. You must rearrange your thinking from the mediocre principles that were instilled in you by others that be around you in Pakistan. You must change your thinking because your country is about to go to war again.

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