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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 29): On behalf

When you help someone, then you are helping on their behalf.  The key to helping others is within the world itself.  If you split behalf, then you have be half.  You have to be willing to share what you have in order to help others and to help keep yourself out of pride.  In the situation that I am in now, I am not able to help someone out monetarily, but I am sharing this series to the masses so that they no longer decide to remain mediocre.  Here are four steps that will help you remain encouraged when you are helping others.

1. Desire to help others.  Your motive for helping others must be to really help someone else.  If you do not feel an urge to help someone, then leave that situation along because you could make the situation worse.  For example, if a person sees someone drowning and jumps in to save that person but does not know how to swim, then both people end up in an unfavorable circumstance.  I apologize for being morbid with the example, but it will help you to remember this step.

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2. Help those that are with you.  Prioritize helping those that are within your circle before helping others outside of your circle.  As you begin to help others around you that are within your sphere, then your circle of influence will expand.  You must start locally before things can be expanded to regional status.  Regional status then expands to national influence, which finally leads to worldwide influence.  Thanks to Virily because these posts have the potential to be read around the world.

3. Choose to do good.  When you see something that is out of place, then look to solve the problem.  Helping others allows for problems to be fixed.  Instead of complaining about a problem that is going on within your country, look for a solution so that the problem does not continue to hurt your nation.

4. Go for the jugular.  When you are helping someone, always go to the root of the problem.  If you do not solve the problem the first time, then you the problem will take extra effort to solve in the future.  Destroy the virus before the virus spreads.  Be the truth serum for your generation.

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