Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 26): Inversion in judgment

Happy February to one and all!  I am back with the 26th post in regards to the concept of manifestation over rebellion, in which focusing upon tangible goals will prevent you from going astray.  This particular piece will be rather squirrelly due to the number 26.  Twenty-six is two times thirteen, so 26 represents confirmation of rebellion.

The inspiration for this post arose due to the volatility of stock exchanges and stock markets throughout the world over the past couple of years.  Instability eventually leads to collapse.  The time when the markets will collapse is what I call inversion of judgment.

This event will create a transfer of wealth in which people will lose billions of dollars in the blink of an eye.  Another trend is while this market has been going up and down like a rollercoaster, the gap in regards to income inequality has widened as well.  The richest 1 percent owns 45 percent of the global wealth.  As global inequality has increased, the trend of corruption has skyrocketed as well.  Since this wealth is based upon an unstable premise of stock exchanges, the proper judgment is that the financial markets will experience inversion.

That’s where you can possibly take advantage of the next economic meltdown.  The wealth has to go somewhere.  Why not to you?  Here are four steps that you can use in order to withstand the impending downturn in the economy.

1. Use the resources that you have.  Stop complaining about what you do not have and begin to take an inventory of what you have right now.  Using what you have will eventually create a chain reaction that will cause for your resources to increase because the utilization of your resources will create a lane for you to experience growth no matter what the surroundings are around you.

2. Use your intuition.  Your intuition will allow for you to anticipate things before they actually happen.  Your intuition will allow for you to position yourself in a strong position before chaos ensues.

3. Move forward.  While everyone else is going with the flow, you must choose to go against the flow.  While everyone else is sitting around and doing nothing, you must choose to go forward.

4. Get down.  Don’t put yourself on a pedestal.  Get down!  If you boast about your achievements, then you will be become a target.  Don’t announce what you are going to do; do what you have to do.

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  1. I am no economist, but it seems obvious to me that this model is unsustainable and will inevitably lead to a collapse. I don’t know why they’re trying to dissolve the middle class- because a large healthy middle class will create a solid economy and then everyone makes money

    Those one percent clowns are going collapse like a house of cards and take the world economy down with them

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