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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 25): Rage & Fury

Anger is an emotion that is difficult to harness.  The reason why being enraged is so hard to control is due to the incorrect use of rage and fury within society.  Society implies that anger should be directed at a person or to a group of people.  However, that type of anger leads to divisiveness and to conflict that can turn deadly at any moment.  Anger is supposed to be directed at ideologies that you know to be incorrect so that the anger will fuel you to find a solution to certain issues.  For example, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was so incensed in regards to prejudice that he created a non-violent approach for bringing civil rights to every human being in America.  Here are four things that you can use so that you can turn your rage and fury into creativity.

1. Demand respect.  Respect is not given, respect is earned.  In order to reach your destination, you must be willing to change the atmosphere around you.  You will have to rearrange some furniture.

2. Remain joyful.  Being joyful and being happy is two totally different things.  Being happy is solely based upon circumstances.  For example, when it’s your birthday, everyone says “Happy Birthday” to you on that day.  However, your birthday is not every day.  Happiness is tied in with the day being your birthday.  However, joyfulness is a determination to not remain down no matter what situation may come your way.  Fueling the rage and fury towards an unfavorable position will push you to remain upbeat until you obtain a more favorable position.

3. Be agile.  You must be willing to adapt whenever a new opportunity comes your way.  You have to be willing to move forward when you do not want to move forward.  Using rage and fury towards your current situation will propel you into the future.  As you push forward, you will begin to feel a sense of calm overtake you even though remaining positive all of the time is quite risky because everyone else around you will want for you to remain the same.  Being angry at stagnation will motivate you to move.

4. Focus on enlightenment.  Always look to either enlighten yourself or to enlighten others.  Being angry about being left in the dark about certain issues will push you towards enlightenment.

Redirect your anger so that you will be able to redirect your future.

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