Makeovers, Short Films Event & Another Dead Mouse

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I woke up around 10 am, and I worked on my townhouse all day to give my rooms a makeover and a fresh new look. I still have a lot to do, but I am making progress. I didn’t draw anything today, but I do need to draw a couple of pages something this week. I need to pace my time, and work on different projects each day so that I can get more done in different tasks. By 5 pm, I changed my clothes, and I decided to go to the short film meetup at Canon. Around 30 people showed up, and we watched around 12 short films by young male filmmakers. They all did a good job, and they are better than I expected. They were very talented and organized, and they knew what to do. But only 4 of these young male filmmakers showed up for this screening, and there was a Q & A Discussion afterwards. At 9:30 pm, I drove back home, and I noticed the street was kind of busy for a Wednesday night. When I entered my hallway from the garage, I noticed another small dead gray mouse on the tile floor. Gumby so far intentionally killed 8 mice, and I accidentally killed 2 in Hold & Release Traps. I wonder how many more mice are still around because it seems quiet, but they could be hiding and waiting to come out at certain times. I think the Pest Control guy might drop by on Friday morning to check on things. I might go to a meetup at noon, but I am not sure yet because he might drop by around the same time, and then I have another meetup at 6 pm.

I am thinking about turning my other room into an entertainment center, which has some school texts and projects, as well as photographs, albums, slides, and music CDs. And, the small room downstairs is my art studio.

I added an IMVU snapshot, where my avatar is hanging out with her three animated cats at her huge beach house. She is playing with the brown cat, while the gray and white cats are after the animated brown mouse.


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